Fair Credit Reporting Act – Gillespie v. Trans Union

Gillespie v. TransUnion Corp., No. 06-2576 (3/16/07). Appeal, N.D. Ill., E. Div. Aff’d.

Dist. Ct. did not err in granting defendant-consumer reporting agency’s motion for summary judgment in action alleging that defendant’s failure to reveal “purge date” when plaintiffs requested copies of their credit histories violated Fair Credit Reporting Act. Under sec. 1681g(a)(1) of that act, the defendant is required to disclose only information included in plaintiffs’ consumer reports and not everything in defendant’s consumer files that pertain to plaintiffs.


One response to “Fair Credit Reporting Act – Gillespie v. Trans Union

  1. Very well thought out decision. Basically the FCRA is a terrible law all around. Congress would have many friends if they just ripped it up and started over. Problem is they know they would have to make people un happy – so they will not tackle this ever.

    Think about – a law that hinges on words that are undefined (accuracy), talks about reasonable procedures (how to measure), is voluntary for data suppliers, has no penalties on consumers who defraud others through the act (such as stealin other’s id’s or lying to the credit bureaus), etc. Just a mess and the judges followed the words – not what their heart or what they felt the policy should be.