vozella et al. v. basel-johnon, 05-02375

Full Caption: Peter & Janet Vozella, Go Wild Fun Safaris, Inc., Robert Pacenti, and Glenbard Travel, Inc. v. Nicolette Basel-Johnson


Underlying Bankruptcy: In re Nicolette Basel-Johnson, 05-36481


Issued: April 17, 2007


Judge: John H. Squires


Trustee: Brenda Porter Helms


Note: This opinion is unpublished


Summary: This opinion, another lucid examination of the law from Judge John Squires of the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, explores standards for summary judgment in the context of a 523(a) fraud claim. The opinion begins by examining standards generally applicable to Federal cases via Rule 56, proceeds through to Rule 7056 of the Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, and finally Local Bankruptcy Rules 56.1 and 12.



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