API rides again

Automotive Professionals, Inc.

In re API, 07-06720
Ch. 11 Trustee and Committee of Unsecured Creditors v.
Marathon Financial Insurance Co., Inc., RRG 08-00089
Issued June 17, 2008
Judge Carol A. Doyle
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One response to “API rides again

  1. What is URI? I have a service contract on my 2001 Dodge Intrepid, contract #001467826, from Automotive Professionals, Inc. (Which turns out to be very UNPROFESSIONAL; more like a scam company.) Since I didn’t need the service repair and it remained unused, I attempted to receive my full rebate as promised in the contract, only to be told Marathon had declared bankruptcy. This is not only a perversion of justice but a grave financial loss. As a 77 year old widow, I was depending on the refund to help with my subsistance expenses. Is there a class action suit resulting from this bankruptcy? Why haven’t I been advised on the progress of this case?!