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7th Cir. Opinions

7th Circuit Opinion Summaries courtesy of

United States v. Rogan

Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Government, White Collar Crime

River Road Hotel Partners, LLC v. Amalgamated Bank


Bloomfield State Bank v. United States

Bankruptcy, Real Estate & Property Law, Tax Law

Costello v. Grundon

Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Securities Law

CDX Liquidating Trust v. Venrock Assocs., et al

Bankruptcy, Business Law, Securities Law

Reedsburg Util. Comm’n v. Grede Foundries, Inc.

Bankruptcy, Utilities Law

Kimbrell v. Brown

Bankruptcy, Injury Law


corrected notice: Change in J. Wedoff’s Hearing Schedules


Chapter 7 and 11 Calls

Effective immediately new motions to be heard after Oct. 12 should be noticed for Tue or Wed at 9:30 a.m.

Effectivethe week of Oct. 5 motions and set matters to be heard that week will be set for Thu, Oct. 8.

Effective the week of Oct. 12 J. Wedoff will begin hearing cases on Tuesdays and Wednesdays [regular schedule]. New motions, status hearings, or other set matters now scheduled for a Tue or Wed after Oct. 12 will be heard on the Tue or Wed on which they are scheduled.

Any motion already noticed for a Thu after Oct. 12 will still be heard as set noticed unless movant chooses to re-notice for a Tue or Wed after Oct. 12.

Chapter 13 Call

Judge Doyle will continue to hear Judge Wedoff’s Chapter 13 call on Thursdays at the regularly scheduled times until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation during the last month in rescheduling Judge Wedoff’s Chapter 7 and 11 matters for Thursdays

To view and download this information in pdf format click here

case updates – hometown, cir 3, cir 8

3rd cir

Windt v. Qwest Communications, 06-4662, 06-4808 [June 10, 2008]
In a lawsuit brought by bankruptcy trustees of a Dutch company asserting various claims against defendants who were allegedly responsible for the company’s insolvency, judgment dismissing trustee-plaintiff’s complaint on forum non-conveniens grounds is affirmed where the district court did not abuse its discretion in: 1) affording low deference to plaintiffs’ choice of forum in view of Netherlands’ substantial interest in resolving a dispute concerning alleged mismanagement of a Dutch company by board members and officers of that Dutch company; 2) concluding that avoiding problems in the application of foreign law favored dismissal; 3) balancing the public and private interest factors implicated in the case; and 4) determining that the convenience of litigating the dispute in New Jersey was outweighed by the oppressive or vexatious effect on defendants.


8th cir

US v. Mitchell, 07-3136 [June 10, 2008]
Conviction upon defendant’s retrial for knowingly and fraudulently making a false statement under penalty of perjury in a bankruptcy case is affirmed where the circuit court declines to revisit a double jeopardy issue, and there was sufficient evidence to sustain his conviction.


In re Weadley, 06-1854
Bibby Financial v. Weadley, 07-683
Issued June 11, 2008
Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar

no Aug 8 call in Lake Co.

The Lake County bankruptcy call scheduled for August 8, 2008, has been reset to August 1, 2008. There will be no Lake County call on August 8.

See the announcement on the court’s website here and download it as a PDF here